Saturday, January 30, 2010

End of First $40 Challenge!

Drum roll please...

And the total amount spent on dinner this week is...


Though I may not be trying this again for a while, I really learned that there are some sneaky ways you can seriously cut cost at the supermarket.

Go late in the afternoon and grab specials.

Only buy what you NEED and never buy food "just in case" or "I might feel like it." Eat recommended portions (for instance, one recommended serving of meat per person is just 100 grams.)

Make up for less meat with extra vegetables, or a little extra sauce and extra rice/pasta to fill you up.

It may sound obvious or juvenile, but when you chop up your meat for a stir fry (or anything, really) make it as thin as humanly possible so that it looks like more!

I'm sure I'll think of more as I go...I will continue to see how many bargains I can grab and how cheap I can manage dinner each day, but for now, the $40 is over, and almost $13 under budget, no less! Yay!

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